Welcome to Do Not Wait!

We can tell that there are a few obvious and inevitable things in life such as debt, taxes and death. I actually believe that there should be another inevitable thing in life: a great, comfortable retirement!

We were once sold on the idea of retiring at 55. That the golden pension plans are dying like flowers in a desert and that riding stock markets are heavier than an old Metallica show, we all need to get our stuff together and start to learn how to build our own retirement plan.

This is the purpose behind Do Not Wait!; to inform both Canadians and Americans how to manage their personal finances. Yup, we will be reviewing Canadian and American law as well as investment rules to make sure you get the right information depending on where you live! While some articles will be applicable to both countries we will explain how a Roth IRA, a 401(k), an RRSP or a defined contribution pension plan works. Our goal is really to compile financial information and make it accessible for anybody who wants to stop procrastinating and start acting now for a better financial future.

What you will find on Do Not Wait!

-      Lengthy and complete but easy to understand articles about personal finance.

-      Informational articles about retirement planning, investment strategies, debt management and legal aspects.

-      Information that is timeless, which means that you will be able to use today, in 6 months and in a year from now.

-      Baby step guides, tables and calculators (work in progress) definitions, financial product reviews as well as more complex strategies to improve your financial situation.

What you won’t find on Do Not Wait!

-      Miraculous solutions to get rich.

-      Silly answers to complex questions

-      Personal financial advice (this is an informative site only, we do not provide financial advice services).

Your Input is Mandatory

Through this website, we want to build a place where you can ask your questions and where we can provide you with high quality information.