Launching – Retirement Planning Site: Win an iPad and many other prizes!

Welcome to the official launch of Do Not Wait! Your retirement website reference. A while ago (back in 2008), we purchased the domain name thinking it would be a perfect fit for a retirement blog. Unfortunately or fortunately, we were too busy building other personal finance blogs to work on this project.

While our other blogs are now on board for good, we thought of offering our readers a place where they could ask their retirement questions, read about the 7 fields of financial planning and start their retirement plan.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be announcing several additions to this retirement blog such as spreadsheets, calculators and other free resources. All right, enough talking about Do Not Wait, let’s talk about how you can win an iPad and many other prizes!

First, things first, here’s the list of all the prizes:

Apple iPad Tablet (64GB, wifi) (worth $769.99)

This prize is being sponsored by our blogging network;

The Financial Blogger – Working 4 days a week, Earning 6 figure income

The Dividend Guy Blog – The Place for Dividend Investors

Intelligent Speculator – Stock picks, Stock commentary and Stock trading strategies

Green Panda Treehouse – Personal Finance for those in their 20s

6 months free access to DebtGoal (worth $89.70)

DebtGoal, a startup described as the “Weight Watchers for Debt,” is the leader in DIY Debt Payoff, providing do-it-yourself tools that empower borrowers to pay off debt as quickly as possible. By using DebtGoal’s SmartPay Plan, the average user can save $35,000 in interest and get debt-free 16 years sooner.  Try DebtGoal for free at

Boiler Room and Wall Street dvd’s + 4 Hour Work Week and
Nolo’s “IRAs, 401(k)s & Other Retirement Plans: Taking Your Money Out” book (4 winners) From Go Banking Rates

Go Banking Rates brings you informative personal finance content and
helpful tools, as well as the best interest rates on financial
services nationwide.

$50 in cash from Balance Transfer Credit Card

Balance Transfer Credit Card is a free credit card comparison service, specialising in credit cards with a balance transfer feature. We help consumers choose the right balance transfer card for their particular financial needs so they can get in control of their finances and become debt free.

$25 gift card at Amazon from Budgets Are Sexy

Spicing up personal finance like it’s 1999!  This ain’t your daddy’s financial site.

$25 gift card at Amazon from Money Crush

MoneyCrush is about learning to love your financial life and reach your goals.It’s about sharing personal insights relating to personal finance (it’s called personal finance for a reason, right?), inspiring each other, and helping each other out.

The RESP Book : The Complete Guide to Registered Education Savings Plan for Canadians by Mike Holman from Money Smarts Blog

Money Smarts is a Canadian blog dealing with personal finance, investing and retirement planning

Your Money or Your Life book from Free From Broke

Free From Broke is a personal finance blog for regular folks.

Sell Your Crap eBook from Man vs Debt

Let Go of What’s Holding You Back!  Reclaim control of your time, energy, and money from your suffocating clutter. 4 Guides, 328 pages, 110+ screenshots. Includes eBay, craigslist, & Amazon Modules 10 Video Interviews & 30-Day Email Support!

Money Crashers is offering : Your Money Ratios – 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security book by Charles Farrell

Money Crashers is a multi-author personal finance blog with a goal of improving readers’ financial education and overall “financial fitness”. Learn everything you wanted to know about topics like banking, getting out of debt, investing in stocks and bonds, saving money and being frugal.

$25 in cash from PT Money

Want to make more money? Check out 52 Ways to Make Extra Money, a free guide created by Phil Taylor, owner of PT Money: Personal Finance. Phil blogs each day at on the subjects of making more money, saving more money, and spending money wisely.

How to Make Money Blogging eBook By Bible Money Matters

Bible Money Matters is a personal finance blog that focuses on topics that include budgeting, investing, retirement, debt elimination, faith based topics.

1 year subscription to Kiplinger from Couple Money

Couple Money is a site for couples looking at building financial freedom together. Couple Money discuses and explores topics such as entrepreneurship, family and finances, debt reduction, and building net worth.

“I will teach you to be rich” book offered by Magical Penny

Magical Penny is a blog evangelising the power of compounding returns founded by Adam Piplica.

Grow your pennies and learn to invest today!

Now how do you enter this contest?

There are several ways to get an entry to this contest. There are no limits to the number of entries you can have so you can participate in several ways:

Link to – 5 entries (+5 entries if you use retirement words related)

Ask a retirement question – 1 entry (please post a comment in this section, 1 entry per question, 1 question per comment, 5 comments maximum per participant)

Register to any of our mailing list – 5 entries per registration (subscribers will receive a special newsletter on October 25th, they must reply to get their 5 entries in)

Do Not Wait Mailing list (in the right column of the site)

The Financial Blogger Mailing list (in the right column of the site)

Intelligent Speculator Mailing list (in the right column of the site)

Subscribe to our Retirement RSS Feed – 1 entries

Retweet this contest - 1 entry

In order to give everybody a chance, the contest will run until October 31st and the winners will be announced during the first week of November. Good luck to all!

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167 Responses to Launching – Retirement Planning Site: Win an iPad and many other prizes!

  1. I think donotwait is a great tag for a retirement funding website.

    I’m concerned about the multitude of websites and highly regarded finance magazines portraying a revers mortgage as a viable finance plan. When the dust is settling and we see more and more people falling prey to consumer debt overload. I think this really needs to be addressed. Can you write about the risks involved with having your house mortgaged (reverse and conventional), vs the non-risk of paying off a house? When times get tough not having a house payment can payoff in the long run. I can also get the same tax write off by giving to charity and not funding a bankers commission so that argument is faulty as well.

  2. Thx for the contest. As for a question, consider this one: let’s say you have a pension. What are the typical pros and cons of taking it out or leaving it be with the pension managers?

  3. Retired Jan 1 2010 with company pension. Just turned 50. DoNotWait.

  4. by Greg R Brokering | October 27, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    I want to win

  5. Of the retirement accounts, IRA, 401K, Roth, which is the best account to have?

  6. One of my big concerns is how to find the right mix of saving for my future and yet still living a fulfilling life now.

    I don’t want to be like the people who give up every single luxury today so they can retire with millions! If they’ve lived for so many years without spending a ‘frivolous’ dime, will they even know how to spend their money once (or even if) they give themselves permission? But I also don’t want to end up running out of money at age 90 (my family tend to live, and be extremely active, until their late 90s)

  7. did not observe canadian content, why??.

  8. Many people are basing their retirement incomes on CPP, but with all the controversy in Europe about increases to the mandatory retirement age, and the fact that people are now living longer lives, what do think are the chances that they will raise the age of qualification? And what impact would that have on retirement plans?

  9. great ideas for a website

  10. I would like to know is it worth investing in a RRSP if you have a defined pension plan?

  11. How do you balance dividend investments with ETFs so you maintain a good asset allocation?

  12. retirement dream or myth all depends on each person’s expectations

    is retirement really set up for the lower class?

    are they going to change the retirement age again?

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  14. In this financial environment, if I plan on retiring in 10 yrs, does it pay to take money out of my 401K to buy a house so I know that I am set with that? I figure we cant know what the 401K is going to be like in 10 years, maybe it will go down and then I would have to worry more.

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  16. Hello,very good blog post. Infos are really useful and saved me huge amount of time which I spend on something else instead of searching I am waiting for more, bye

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