Make Yourself a Gift For Christmas

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Are you tired of receiving 3 blue scarves, 2 red ties and bottle of wine that you don’t even like for Christmas? For those who don’t know what to ask for Christmas and for those who want to give themselves an important gift, today I share with you the best financial book you can read depending on what situation you are in.

You want to create more income for retirement: THE 4 HOUR WORKWEEK by Tim Ferris

I received this book last year and this is by far one of my favorite. Some people will say that Tim is selling an unrealistic dream; I can tell you that I am not far from his “reality”. I think this book is a great motivation booster while giving tricks to someone who really wants to put in the effort to create a passive source of income.

You want to pay off your debts and manage your finances differently: UNAUTOMATE YOUR FINANCE by Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt.

I must confess, I really like Adam’s style. He is one of his own kind and he proves it once again with this great book. You will read how to “unlearn” what you know about personal finance and reorganize it in a very effective way. It’s a great book if you don’t know where to start with your budget. Click here to view more details

You want to learn the basics of investing: Oblivious Investing by Mike Piper from The Oblivious Investor

Mike is a great blogger and he shares his knowledge in this book about investing. It is a very easy to read guide on how to invest. A must if you want to start your investing journey on the right foot!

You want to open or contribute to an RESP for your kids: THE RESP GUIDE by Mike Holman from Money Smarts Blog

Here again, the RESP is a weird beast created by the Canadian Government. Most people know it’s for their children’s tuition but they don’t know about its full potential. If you want to learn more about this great gift from the Government, this is the book to buy.

You want to learn the basics of financial planning and have no knowledge of personal finance: THE WEALTHY BARBER by David Chilton.

This is the most complete and easy to read guide to personal finance. By going through the story of 3 friends, you will learn how to manage several aspect of your finance such as insurance, debt management, investing, etc. You will read it within a weekend!

You want to sell what’s accumulated in your garage for the past 3 years and make extra money: SELL YOUR CRAP by Adam Baker

We all have tons of things that we don’t use anymore. They usually gather dust in your basement or garage. Adam shows you a step by step method to sell most of your stuff and get the best you can on each thing sold. Sell your crap and pay off your debt with them!

Be creative and offer an eBook ;-)

I have built an interesting list of the best personal finance ebook over at Green Panda Treehouse. Most of them are free. So you just have to print them and create your own book ;-).

There are tons of good financial books to offer for Christmas

I personally think that offering a personal finance book is a great gift for anybody. Giving someone the chance to improve their financial situation is definitely one of the most lucrative gifts you can give. These are my personal choice. I have read each one of them and enjoyed them big time. Some are funny, some are very practical and they are all very interesting.

If you have more books to suggests, please leave a comment. This will create a huge list for all our readers, thanks ;-).

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9 Responses to Make Yourself a Gift For Christmas

  1. My husband particularly likes Marc Fisher’s books. I did not read them, but promised myself I would in the next future. His two favorites are “The lazy millionaire” and “Le golfeur et le millionaire” (not sure if it’s available in English though). As the 4 hour workweek (that he also read), some say it’s unrealistic. The point is not agreeing with everything but finding inspiration. And from what he told me and from the kind of life we have the chance to enjoy, I recommend it!! ;-) Have a great inspiring Christmas!

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  3. Thanks for including the RESP book.

    You might want to link to rather than .com


  4. @Money Smarts Blog,
    My pleasure!

  5. Not many of my friends are into reading about “career advice,” but the few that are I passed them along a copy of the 4-hour workweek. This is by far the most motivational book for anyone that is stuck in their current career. The only issue is that it comes off as unrealistic at times. One needs to filter this out and take out keypoints from the book.

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