Yakezie Challenge Time

This week at Do Not Wait we discussed how to help yourself save for retirement. We find it important that you begin taking your retirement seriously at an early age so that you don’t scramble in your golden years to figure out how you will survive financially.

Time for the top Yakezie links:

1. Investing In Real Estate Investment Trusts @ Buy Like Buffet.

2. Weight Loss and New Clothes @ BITFS.

3. 5 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your 401k @ Saving Money Today.

4. Top Reasons to Quit Your Job @ Frugal Zeitgeist.

5. Why so few succeed @ ERE.

6. Lessons From Childhood Games @ The Amateur Financier.

7. That “Debt Snowball” has a rock in it @ Control Your Cash.

8. Who Gets The Shaft In A Short Sale? @ Retire by 40.

9. The Traps of Mental Accounting: Why We Treat Money From Different Sources Differently @ Well Heeled Blog.

10. Which Winnie the Pooh Character Are You? @ PF By The Book.

11. Increasing Extra Mortgage Payments @ Couple Money.

12. Do I need an iPad? @ Wealth Informatics.

13. 7 Cheap Products That Made Millions @ Not Made of Money.

14. 5 Common Tax Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making @ MJTM.

15. 5 Things To Share with Neighbors to Save Cash @ Little House in the Valley.

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